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My daughter had guitar lessons at school for over two years and could only play one song so I though a fresh approach might just be required. My daughter has now been taught by Chris for the last year and is now confident enough to play in a band and also writes her own songs, an amazing turnaround. The lessons are structured and geared around the music she listens to but also getting her to listen to new types of music and also technical skills. The lessons are therefore always interesting for her and I no longer have to listen to the same old song played over and over again which is a bonus!
Selina Cleasby
Parent, Leeds
I’ve only been having lessons with Chris for a few weeks but i’ve already seen lots of improvement with my playing. His approach to teaching is very tailored and helps you get what you want from his lessons and get you closer to your long term goals each session. He takes the time to listen to the music you’re into and construct lessons around music you like. We’ve been learning lots of theory, which on the surface sounds rather dry, but he makes it fun and very practical, meaning I can put his teachings into practice quickly. Would highly recommend!
Jamie Moore
I’ve been with Chris for a year and have found him to be not only an expert tutor, but extremely patient. He has an excellent command of modern pieces as well as classics and I would heartily recommend him to young and old alike.
Damian Collins
I started lessons as a complete beginner and have found Chris to be really friendly and patient. I started learning to play the songs I like from the off, and the lesson materials are clear and easy to practice from at home. If you’re looking for relaxed lessons and a knowledgeable teacher, Chris is your guy!
Naomi King
Chris has been teaching my teenage daughter for over 18 months now and she is still as enthusiastic about his lessons as she was on the first! He has tailored her lessons to incorporate her favourite music whilst also introducing her to artists she is not familiar with, and her progress has been great to see. The lessons are always well structured and the time and effort he puts into planning these is obvious. Chris is enthusiastic, friendly and clearly a talented musician! Highly recommended!
Emma Dibb
Parent, Leeds
Chris has been an excellent tutor, a really good fit for me. The most important thing is that he’s teaching me songs that I love. He goes to the effort of breaking them down to match my skill level but also pushes me to try harder tabs. He’s really motivating, very skilled and clearly loves his job. I couldn’t recommend him more.
Amy Liversidge
I’ve been playing guitar for quite a long time but have never had a tutor or structured lessons so it was all very new to me. Despite this, I couldn’t ask for more in a tutor- Chris is friendly and enthusiastic, tailoring lessons to suit my needs and musical interests and he puts a lot of effort into tabbing out specific songs that I want to learn. I used to always stick to songs well within my comfort zone but Chris has encouraged me to learn new, more difficult pieces and shown me that I can play most things if I put enough time in. He even gives me advice on gear to buy and has helped sort out technical problems. Overall, he has helped me out of a rut and given me much more confidence in writing my own material and as a guitarist on the whole. Would strongly recommend to guitarists of any ability. 5/5.
Alex Paddock
Leeds, Via Google
I’d been planning to learn guitar for so many years so researched tutors reading many a testimonial along the way. When I stumbled across Chris I knew I’d found my tutor. I’ve only had the benefit of Chris’ expert tuition for 2 hours but have learnt so much. Chris explains things so well and is extremely patient. Lessons under Chris are so much fun and I cannot speak highly enough of him. My only regret is that I didnt find him sooner!
James Wood
Chris is a brilliant tutor. Our son is really enjoying learning the Ukulele and is looking forward to learning more in the future. Chris is very encouraging and supportive, we have been really pleased to have found him as a music teacher.”
Joanne Ward
Parent, Leeds, via Facebook
The lesson was really helpful for me and I’m excited about learning more songs with you. Everything was really well prepared and your approach is really precise. With your help I think I’m going to move on from just banging out chords and become a much better guitar player. Looking forward to Monday.
Andrew McKay
Murcia, Spain (Online Student)
Chris is an excellent guitar tutor, he’s always gone above and beyond to cater to my song preferences and the times I have my lessons at and has a really good style of teaching!
Justin Schall
Chris has been a brilliant guitar tutor, I went to him as a complete beginner and he has helped me make excellent progress!
Emily Boig
Aaron has definitely learnt a lot more from Chris than from the lessons he has at school and he has struck up a relationship with my son that is two way and a learning experience for Aaron
Parent, Leeds
I started learning the guitar as a complete beginner and in the few weeks Chris has been teaching me he has gone above and beyond to make sure im not only reaching my goals but im also having fun in the process. I would strongly recommend anyone wanting to learn the guitar to contact Chris, 5+ stars
Stephen Bradshaw
Chris is a very patient and knowledgable guitar tutor, i would highly recommend him to any age of person wanting to either starting learning or brush up on old skills. I have unfortunately had to stop my lessons due to illness of which i am gutted about. Keep up the fantastic tutoring Chris & all the best
Neil Hanson
Chris has all the aspects of a great tutor. In a matter of weeks, I’m playing some of my favourite music and moving on to more advanced techniques. My only gripe is inability to join group lessons.
Daniel Teasdale
Leeds, Via Google
I’ve been seeing Chris for tutoring for around a year - in person, and more recently online. The transition to online lessons has been far easier than I expected, and the lessons are every bit as productive as those in person. Chris has a comfortable and well-equipped teaching space, and makes good use of web-based resources to bring the same experience to online lessons. When I started with Chris I’d been playing guitar for twenty-five years but I was self-taught, and had stagnated and plateaued. After a long stretch playing bass in various bands, I wanted to improve my six-string technique and abilities. We’ve been covering folk fingerstyle acoustic, and electric lead guitar. Chris is an excellent tutor - he has a very calm, friendly and professional manner, and a great teaching style. Lessons are tailored to the student’s requirements, and are aimed at getting you playing the music you are interested in, rather than a relentless focus on scales and theory, (although these have their place as well, and are covered without them becoming a chore). Chris is a good listener, and encourages you to explore your evolving interests and priorities. My experience with Chris has been very positive, and I’m delighted to recommend him to others.
Mark Waudby
Leeds (Online Student), Via Google
Amazing tutor. I have been learning with Chris for a year now starting from a complete beginner. His lessons are structured but fun - open to teaching some music I like, metal and rock etc on an acoustic is a challenge he has helped me overcome. He has also taught me some good techniques particularly when I’ve been unable to play certain barre chords, encouraging me to use different things for same chords etc. He is so patient (watching me screw up) and helping me improve - great for all levels and ages. I will be taking my daughter when she’s a little older
Mal Scullion
Leeds, Via Google
I have just completed a year of weekly lessons with Chris off the back of receiving a music grant, and couldn't be happier with the progress I have made. His knowledge and approach to teaching is excellent, even the tools he uses makes the home practice routines for his students all the more productive. I couldn't recommend him highly enough and want to thank him for taking this almost 50 year old, left-handed, deaf (yes deaf!), eternal beginner to a place where I enjoy picking up a guitar every day and I look forward to continuing my journey building upon the foundations he has provided. Cheers.
Craig Briscoe
Leeds, Via Google
First and foremost I want to thank Chris for opening up a new world for my 9 year old, a complete beginner who developed an interest in listening to guitar during lockdown and then wanting to play it, We came across Chris on the Internet and was reassured by reading the testimonials and the fact that Chris offered a very structured approach tailored to the students ability. She's only a few weeks into her lessons now and from playing no guitar she is now playing a good few songs (8 songs) confidently, and is absolutely loving her lessons and practice, the fact that all her lessons are done via zoom has not hindered her learning at all. Chris has everything in place to ensure a good structured lesson, everything from booking appointments to accessing songbooks, and communication all is straightforward, clear and very efficient. Chris is excellent at explaining, correcting and encouraging my 9 year old and with each lesson her confidence grows. Highly recommended
Shazia Akhtar
Parent, Leeds, Via Google
After 4 years playing self taught guitar, I became stuck playing the same songs and using the same techniques. Chris has helped me progress beyond this and taught me new ways of approaching guitar playing, helping me to understand the theory behind the songs, and giving me a new passion for my hobby.
Joseph Ingham
Leeds (ONLINE STUDENT) Via Google
He was my first guitar teacher and one of my best guitar teachers, thanks to him I have loved playing my guitar. I have been playing for 6 years and now I'm writing my own music now, if it wasn't for him I don't even think I would be playing the guitar. If you want lessons from somebody who is kind and helpful I say you take lesson from Chris.
Leeds, Via Google

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