Take the stage.

I’m writing today to announce my first Student Concert: Glastonburley 2019!

You’re invited to perform at the concert in March 2019. This is an all-out rock concert where you can team up with students to play your favourite songs with a real band. Or play solo – whatever sounds fun.

The concert will be a powerful motivator for practice, it teaches life skills far beyond music technique, and I hope you’ll agree it’ll be a lot of fun.

Who is it for?

Just like my private lessons, this will be an event for people of all ages and skill levels. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never touched a guitar, or you’ve been on tour. In just a few months I can have you playing real songs to performance level. You just need to make time for practice at home. The event will be free entry for friends & family.

Hmmm… all this sounds pretty scary. No thanks!

I’ve played more gigs than I can count over the years, so I know what it’s like to be nervous. If you’ve never performed, or if you’re feeling reluctant to get on stage, I totally understand.

I was super nervous waiting to play at my first gig. I spent the whole time hiding in the toilets while my bandmates were happily chatting to friends who had come down to watch.

Of course the show was waay less scary than anticipated, and the response from the crowd (ok, small cluster of teenagers) made it all worth it.

Before you decide to turn this opportunity down, hear me out: Feeling prepared makes a world of difference. With the support of myself, fellow students, and a rowdy but loving audience, even novice performers can feel like rockstars.

I can’t practice your songs for you, but I can help you with:

Space is limited. I recommend getting signed up ASAP so you can confirm your songs and have plenty of time to prepare before the first rehearsal. Here’s a Student Concert Requests Playlist for song ideas.

Are you interested in performing?

Get in touch to find out more and secure your place.

Can’t wait to see you on stage,



Save the Dates!

Glastonburley: Saturday 23rd March 2019 @ Blueberry Hill Studios, Leeds

First rehearsal: Saturday 9th March 2019

Second rehearsal: Saturday 16th March 2019

Rehearsal days are required for anyone choosing the full-band tiers (get in touch for info & pricing)

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