There’s still time to save your place for the Spring student concert!

*Deadline extended until 5th Feb*

Sign-up is closed.

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It’s around 8 weeks until my first Student Concert – but there’s still time to sign up & prepare some music with my help.

The concert will be a powerful motivator for practice, it teaches life skills far beyond music technique, and I hope you’ll agree it’ll be a lot of fun.

You’re invited to perform at the concert on Saturday 23rd March 2019.

This is an all-out rock concert where you can team up with students to play your favourite songs with a real band.

Or play solo, or with me accompanying you – whatever sounds fun.

Who is it for?

Just like my private lessons, this will be an event for people of all ages and skill levels.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never performed before – in fact, for most of you this will be your first performance.

Why perform?

Imagine someone who loves baking cookies.

They spend lots of time and effort on finding the right ingredients, and preparing their dough.

They’re even taking some baking lessons… but they never put their cookies in the oven!

Ok, I know raw cookie dough tastes nice, but they’re always better after you bake them.

To give another example, imagine a website developer who spends months on their code, but never puts their sites online.

If you’re still not convinced, here are 3 things I’ve learned about performing:

Nervous about performing?

I’ve played more gigs than I can count over the years, so I know what it’s like to be nervous.

If you’ve never performed, or if you’re feeling reluctant to get on stage, I totally understand.

I was super nervous waiting to play at my first gig. I spent the whole time hiding in the toilets before the show. Of course it was way less scary than anticipated, and the response from the audience made it all worth it.

Day-to-day, I’m a pretty shy guy, but playing on stage gives me an adrenaline rush that keeps me coming back for more.

I’ve played really bad gigs, and I’ve played really great gigs. What I’ve learned is being prepared makes a huge difference.

Here’s the deal: I’ll do all the planning necessary, so all you need to do is practice the skills I teach you, and show up on the day.

Here are 6 less things to worry about:

  1. In lessons, we’ll make sure you’re familiar with the equipment on stage – everything from amps & cables, to microphones and monitors.
  2. I’ll hold you accountable to know your music inside out, and we’ll put it to the test by giving you realistic (but low pressure) performance scenarios.
  3. Stage presence can be learned, even if it doesn’t come naturally to you – I can show you how to look relaxed, loose, and like you’re really enjoying yourself. It could be anything from simple eye contact, to all-out knee-slides.
  4. You’ll have anxiety reduction techniques you can practise leading up to the night, and use on the day. Don’t worry, it doesn’t involved sitting cross-legged and saying “ommmm” There’s also a warm up ‘green room’ you can use on the day.
  5. If flying solo doesn’t sound appealing, I can join you up on stage, or you can team up with a friend or fellow student. Plus, this can add to the fun factor.
  6. I’ll teach you ensemble skills, like playing in time with other musicians, how to handle mistakes, and other useful tricks I’ve learned over the years.

With the support of myself, fellow students, and a rowdy but loving audience, even novice performers can feel like rockstars.

There are still some spaces left. I recommend getting signed up ASAP so you can confirm your song(s) and have plenty of time to prepare before the first rehearsal.


Please read the Glastonburley policies below.

Are you definitely performing?

How many songs would you like to play?

I recommend two songs. We’ll start with one if you don’t know yet.

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Can’t wait to see you on stage,


Glastonburley Policies


Glastonburley: Saturday 23rd March 2019 @ Blueberry Hill Studios, Leeds

Rehearsal days below are required for anyone choosing the middle or premium tier (read on).

You will be allocated a 20 minute slot for each day. Please keep both days free! We will be finished by 6pm.

First rehearsal: Saturday 9th March 2019

Second rehearsal: Saturday 16th March 2019


The rates are designed to cover venue hire, rehearsal costs, musicians, sound engineer & a photographer.

Spectators will get free entry, so bring your fans!

If money is an issue, we can sort out a payment plan, or something else to make it happen.

Solo songs: £18 per song

Play solo, to a backing track, or accompanied by me.

Full-band songs with collaborators: £35 per song

A full-band song with pro musicians and at least one other student. Includes 2 full-band rehearsal slots.

Full-band songs with faculty only: £87 per song

A full-band song with pro musicians. Includes 2 full-band rehearsal slots.


By signing up to perform at Glastonburley, you are committing to pay all applicable non-refundable fees above.

If you are playing a full-band song with collaborators, then both rehearsals are mandatory.  Please be certain that you’re available and flexible on all three dates before signing up. Your bandmates will be counting on you!

The deadline for choosing your songs is February 1st. This ensures enough lessons to prepare you for the performance.

Contact info

Your contact info (email and phone) will be shared with any bandmates or potential collaborators to facilitate planning and joint practice sessions.

Photos, Video, Audio

Performers and audience members may appear in photos, video, and audio recorded at Glastonburley. These media may be used on social media platforms and in promotional materials.