Skype Guitar Lessons

Skype guitar lessons are a great way to save time & money, as you won’t need to travel to me and back every time you have a lesson. All you need is a computer, internet connection, a guitar, and an interest in improving your guitar skills. You don’t need to be a tech wizard to get started.

Lessons are exactly the same as my one-to-one lessons in person. I still give you all the lesson materials you need, including diagrams, PDFs, TABs/Notation, and audio backing tracks. I can adjust the camera angle, or give close ups for more technical parts. If you’re not sure if your internet connection is fast enough, or if your webcam isn’t the best – don’t worry. Drop me a message and ask for a free 15-minute test call to try the connection.

“The lesson was really helpful for me and I’m excited about learning more songs with you. Everything was really well prepared and your approach is really precise. With your help I think I’m going to move on from just banging out chords and become a much better guitar player.”

– Andrew McKay, Murcia, Spain (via Skype)

You can pay quickly & securely via PayPal, which does all of the currency conversion for us.  If you don’t have a PayPal account, you’ll have the option to use a credit/debit card.

What I see on my screen:

Skype Guitar Lessons

What you see on your screen:


As well as Skype, I’m on FaceTime and Google Hangouts if you prefer to use these.

Skype lessons are priced at 50USD per hour. You can google “50USD to [your currency] for a quick conversion estimate.

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