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Kids Guitar Lessons in Leeds with Chris Morton

kids guitar lessons
kids guitar lessons leeds

Learning guitar can be difficult, especially in the beginning.

I don’t think it needs to be difficult. It can be easy, in fact, if you approach it in the right way. With my programme, children are playing music from day one.

The problem with traditional guitar lessons

Traditionally, guitar lessons are taught like this: Beginners are taught the basic techniques or parts of a song, and the student is sent home to “practice” over the week (hopefully a good teacher will go into more detail instead of giving a vague instruction). If for whatever reason the student didn’t understand a concept, or didn’t have a full grasp of the song, it’s likely that they won’t feel confident picking the guitar up at home.

As the next lesson approaches, the student feels stressed at the thought of embarrassment, tries to cram in a few hours of playing before the lesson, only to have forgotten most of what was learned. The next guitar lesson turns into an observed practice session, going over much of the same material again.

Now, I’m not saying this approach is wrong, or teachers who use this approach aren’t good teachers. This is pretty much the way I was taught, and I used this approach for my own teaching, too! But it can contribute to a problem – the practice problem. Playing feels like homework, and lessons feel like a test. We all know kids don’t want more of those.

So how do you get around the practice problem and get kids into guitar?

  1. Build confidence in the student early on, by learning easy, familiar songs.
  2. Allow time for independent learning, instead of spoon feeding.
  3. Check for understanding, before they put their guitar away.
  4. Make it easy and fun for them to play the guitar at home.

My unique guitar program for kids ticks off all four, and I’d love for you to try it.

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Who kids guitar lessons are for

  • Beginners welcome
  • Children age 7 and up
  • Teens
  • Acoustic or Electric Guitar players
  • Fans of Rock or Pop
  • Not for learning traditional/classical guitar


  • 5 years full-time teaching experience
  • 18 years experience on guitar
  • BA (Hons) Popular Music Studies
  • RGT Grade 8 Electric Guitar
  • ABRSM Grade 5 Music Theory

About the location

  • Based in Burley (near Kirkstall Road), LS4
  • Dedicated teaching room & separate waiting area for parents
  • Free parking
  • Cafes & supermarkets nearby
  • Borrow an instrument for lessons

Good to know

  • Fully DBS checked
  • Child protection in Education (Music) certified
  • 100% exam pass rate
kids guitar lessons

I’m Chris Morton, and I’ve been teaching kids guitar lessons in Leeds for 5 years. I help beginners play the music they love, while building their skills. With school teaching experience and a unique teaching approach, I’m well-equipped to teach children aged 7 and up.

When I’m not teaching, I play guitar with Team Picture, a Leeds-based band. We’ve toured the UK, and our music has been played on BBC Radio 6music, Radio 1, BT Sport, and a Netflix series.

What the parents have to say:

“My daughter had guitar lessons at school for over two years and could only play one song so I though a fresh approach might just be required. My daughter has now been taught by Chris for the last year and is now confident enough to play in a band and also writes her own songs, an amazing turnaround.

“The lessons are structured and geared around the music she listens to but also getting her to listen to new types of music and also technical skills. The lessons are therefore always interesting for her and I no longer have to listen to the same old song played over and over again which is a bonus!”

– Selina Cleasby, Parent, Leeds, via Google

“Chris has been teaching my teenage daughter for over 18 months now and she is still as enthusiastic about his lessons as she was on the first! He has tailored her lessons to incorporate her favourite music whilst also introducing her to artists she is not familiar with, and her progress has been great to see.

“The lessons are always well structured and the time and effort he puts into planning these is obvious. Chris is enthusiastic, friendly and clearly a talented musician! Highly recommended!

– Emma Dibb, Parent, Leeds

“Chris has been teaching my son guitar for approximately 4 months, in that time he has built up a constructive and engaging relationship with my son, who didn’t have a lot of confidence playing before starting lessons with Chris.

“Aaron has become more confident in playing and Chris will always ask him if he has any favourite songs he would like to learn and takes his views on board.  Chris will use different techniques, for example, if Aaron doesn’t seem that engaged he will change what he’s teaching him and suggest a game that is informative.

“Aaron has definitely learnt a lot more from Chris that what he is doing in the lessons he has at school and he has struck up a relationship with my son that is two way and a learning experience for Aaron.”

– Nicola, 9 year old student’s parent, Leeds

My students get results

Here are a few recent messages from parents whose children passed exams. I don’t see exams as compulsory or essential. My approach is to have students learn the songs from the syllabus first, then introduce the idea of taking the grade when they are confident in their playing.

Now taking on students for Summer / Autumn 2019

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