Guitar Lessons for Intermediate Players

Develop your fretboard vocabulary. Learn practical theory. Train your ears.

My lessons are structured & supportive.

Want to find out more, or interested in a trial lesson?

Are my intermediate guitar lessons right for you?

Are you a self-taught player who wants to make sure you’re not developing bad habits, and you want to systematically improve your skills?

Maybe you’ve been playing for years, but realised that you’re stuck and want to know if lessons would help.

Or perhaps you can play pretty well, but can’t improvise or write music as well as you’d like.

Whatever your background, I’d love to help you reach your goals.

Rhythm & Technique

Most self-taught players who come to me could do with a bit of an overhaul on their technique.

Need help with string bends? Can’t quite play triplets in time? Is your picking not quite there? Let’s see if I can help.

In the first session I can assess your playing, and help you improve on your weak points. Every person is unique and there is no “one-size-fits-all”.

Leeds Guitar Lessons

Fretboard Knowledge & Music Theory for Guitar

Guitar Lessons Leeds

After helping countless guitarists with theory questions, I have developed a course of Music Theory lessons broken down into logical steps for Guitar.

Although ‘theory’ usually suggests written exams and lots of sheet music, it really isn’t that.

I always relate theory concepts to the instrument, so you can actually use the information.

The great thing about working 1-to-1 is, the theory topics will be related to the songs you’re working on, and the artists you like, so that it’s much more relevant.

Ear Training for Guitar

I can help you play what you hear with specific Ear Training exercises.

Ear Training is an essential part of musical development and helps with improvising, learning songs by ear, writing your own music, and playing in a band.

My exercises help you make the connection between your inner ear & strings. This isn’t interval training, or ‘perfect pitch’ training!

guitar lessons leeds

Styles I teach

I can definitely help you with:

I specialise in Rock & Indie/Alternative Rock styles, on Electric guitar. This is still quite a broad genre, as there are many sub-genres to be explored.

We can cover the basics of:

These are styles that I can play, but I wouldn’t consider myself an expert in. We can cover the basics to a beginner or intermediate level.

Look elsewhere to learn:

I do have 20+ years playing experience, but I simply don’t have enough expertise in these areas. You may still benefit from some music theory, rhythm training, or ear training tuition from me.

If you’re looking to specialise in a specific style, or develop your own voice on the instrument, I’m happy to help. Those looking for a more general approach can expect to be introduced to a whole world of guitar playing.

Get started

If this all sounds good, you can go ahead and get in touch below. This is a chance for me to get clarity on your personal struggles, goals, and aspirations.

I look forward to meeting you!

– Chris