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Guitar Tuition Leeds Location

Chris’ dedicated teaching room in Burley, Leeds, is an ideal environment for learning.

It’s a 10 minute walk from Burley Park train station, and just off Burley Road, LS4. Here’s a map:

  • Lessons are held in a relaxed & supportive atmosphere.
  • Take weekly, fornightly, or flexible lessons.
  • Learn in a dedicated teaching room with natural light, spare guitars, amps, laptop, teaching materials, and recording equipment.
  • Parents can sit in on the lessons, and enjoy Free Wi-Fi, Tea & Coffee.
  • Get booking confirmations & reminders, straight to your phone or email.
  • Students can borrow an instrument for lessons – Acoustic or Electric. You’ll need a guitar to practice on between lessons.
  • Get unlimited email support in-between lessons.
  • Pay by card or cash, or save more with block booking discounts.

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Play the music you love

I specialise in Alternative Rock, and Folk Fingerpicking styles.

But that’s not all I teach – I have students learning these styles, at varying levels:

  • 60s Pop Rock (Beach Boys, The Beatles, The Kinks)
  • Classic Rock
  • Blues
  • Bottleneck Slide
  • Jazz (specifically Chord Melody)
  • Ambient Guitar
  • and more.

Please note, my lessons are not really for people who want to learn:

  • Percussive Fingerstyle Solo guitar
  • Metal, Shred, Sweep Picking
  • Jazz Lead Improvisation
  • Classical Guitar
  • I do have 18 years playing experience, but I simply don’t have enough technical expertise in these areas. You may still benefit from some music theory, rhythm training, or ear training tuition from me.

If you’re looking to learn a specific style, I’m happy to help where I can. Those looking for a more general approach can expect to be introduced to a whole world of guitar playing.

Take the stage

New for 2019 are student concerts for my students, giving you a real-world experience of what it’s like to be a performing musician.

Student concerts are a powerful motivator for practice, and are a lot of fun.

I will take you through the skills required to perform in front of an audience:

  • Song preparation
  • Stage equipment
  • Ensemble skills
  • Stage presence
  • Anxiety reduction

Even if you see yourself as the shakiest performer, we can be sure you’re ready to take the stage.

Contact Chris for details about the next student concert.

Music Theory for Guitarists

After helping countless guitarists with theory questions, I have written a course of Music Theory lessons broken down into logical steps for Guitar.

Although ‘theory’ usually suggests written exams and lots of sheet music, it really isn’t that.

I explain everything in day to day terms for regular people. I always relate these ideas to the instrument, so you can actually use the information.

Ear Training for Guitarists

guitar tuition leeds studio

I can also help you play what you hear with Ear Training exercises.

Ear Training is an essential part of musical development and helps with improvising, learning songs by ear, and writing your own music.

Guitar Grades & Exam Preparation

Students who wish to gain a recognised qualification can be guided through Rockschool or Trinity Rock graded exams. I have a 100% pass rate with my students.

How to start

If this all sounds good, you can check my availability and book your free trial session below. This is a chance for you to discuss your personal requirements with me.

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