Changes to In-Person Teaching, updated January 2022:

  • Those who have coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms, or who have someone in their household who does or who have been advised by NHS Test & Trace to self-isolate, should follow guidance to stay at home.
  • If lockdown measures come back into effect, all scheduled face-to-face lessons will be held via Zoom.

Instruments & what to bring:

  • Whenever possible, bring your own instrument (you can plug in to an amp & cable here – these will be cleaned after each use).
  • If you don’t have your own instrument (for example if this is your first lesson), one spare instrument will be provided. This will be cleaned after use.
  • For children’s lessons, only the parent & child will be allowed to attend.
  • From 27th January, you are encouraged to wear a face mask in indoor spaces, but this is not compulsory. Children under 11 don’t need to wear a mask.


  • Keep your distance (2m) to protect both me and yourself.
  • Parents are encouraged to wait outside in the garden seating area, weather permitting, or in their car.

Testing & Vaccinations:

  • Get vaccinated (if you are able to)
  • I understand that this is a personal view, but I do want to encourage it.
  • Take regular lateral flow tests, ideally before and after coming to a lesson in-person.

Sound Levels:

  • My partner now also works from home, so noise should be kept to a minimum to allow her to make calls without interruptions.
  • No siblings are to be brought along.
  • Singing or shouting carries a greater risk, so this should be avoided.

Cleaning & Hygiene:

  • Use the hand sanitiser provided on arrival.
  • Avoid touching door handles, surfaces, or your face.
  • Contact surfaces will be cleaned regularly.
  • Windows or doors will be kept open to increase ventilation.
  • Door handles & touch points will be cleaned regularly.
  • Please be aware that I have two cats. If you have allergies, please consider online lessons instead.

94% of my students said online lessons work better than they expected.

6% said they are the same as expected.

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