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Want to know more about my Guitar tuition, before you book a trial lesson? I’d love to hear from you. If your question can’t be answered in the FAQs, fill out the form below. I’ll be back in touch as soon as I can.


Most frequent questions and answers

For pricing, scheduling & availability, please go to the booking page.

Evening and weekend slots are usually in high demand. If you have checked the booking page and can’t find a suitable slot, please let me know your preferred times using the contact form below. I can add you to my reserve list for cancellations, and notify you if a regular slot becomes available.

In most cases it’s best to wait until your child is 7 or 8 years old (in school Year 3) before starting my guitar programme. I have no upper age limit.

Yes, you can use a spare guitar for the lesson, and I can give advice on purchasing a guitar.

My schedule is too full to allow for travel time. For the location of my home studio, scroll down this page for a map & directions. I also teach online.

Yes, I am currently teaching both in-person and online.

Gift certificates can now be purchased on the booking page.

Please feel free to book a trial lesson on the booking page. There’s no need to contact me first, unless you have an unanswered question, or couldn’t find a slot.

If you can’t find a suitable slot on the booking page, please contact me using the form below. I will be in touch when an opening comes up that matches your availability.

Get in touch.

I only teach students age 7 (school year 3) and up.
If a suitable slot becomes available, I will notify you. You can also schedule an appointment online using the booking page.
When would you like to start? There is usually a wait for a weekly slot, but I can sometimes accommodate for flexible/individual appointments, for example if a regular student is away.
My pricing is shown on the prices & scheduling page on this website. Check the packages section with discounted prices for 4 lessons. If you are looking for a weekly slot, an invoice will be sent to you directly, instead of having to go through the appointment system.
For the location of my home studio, scroll down this page for a map & directions. I also teach online.
A spare guitar can be used in the first lesson or two, after this, I strongly recommend purchasing a guitar to practice on at home. After we meet, I can give recommendations for style, sizing, brands etc.
You could mention: Experience level, stylistic preferences, how often you would like lessons, goals & aspirations, learning difficulties, or anything else I should know.

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