How to Set Up The Perfect Guitar Practice Space for Your Child

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As a result of the “new normal”, more and more young people are taking up guitar tuition through online courses and lessons to fill the extra time they are spending at home. Whilst there is no pursuit more noble for budding musicians to take up, getting them to focus on the task at hand is […]

Ten Tips for Beginner Guitarists

Read time: 3 mins Knowing how to play badly, means knowing how to play well. Make an error on purpose. How did you do it? Now do the opposite. The more you play, the better you get. Your first go will be bad. Your 100th will be great. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. The […]

Shopping for your first Acoustic Guitar: A Quick Guide for 2020


Where to buy Buying from a brick & mortar shop means you have somewhere to go back if you have any problems, and you’ll probably get more personalised advice from a real-life human. They should also be able to demonstrate the guitars so you can hear the differences in sound. In Leeds, try Dawsons (Vicar […]

How to Play Buzz-Free Open Chords: The Beginner Guitarist’s Guide

4 Quick Steps for Playing Cleaner Chords Can’t get your chords to sound right? Chords don’t ring out and some strings sound ‘buzzy’ when you pick them one at a time? Tried pressing down harder but your fingers start to hurt? These 4 tips could save you hours of frustration. We’re focusing on the fretting hand […]

2019 Student Concert Announcement

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Take the stage. I’m writing today to announce my first Student Concert: Glastonburley 2019! You’re invited to perform at the concert in March 2019. This is an all-out rock concert where you can team up with students to play your favourite songs with a real band. Or play solo – whatever sounds fun. The concert […]

Free taster guitar lessons in Leeds

*This event is from 2014. You can still book a Trial Guitar lesson: Book online today.* If you’ve ever thought about learning guitar, but don’t know where to start, get yourself down to your local music shop on Saturday 12th April! I’ll be offering free taster lessons at Dawsons Leeds from 10am-4.30pm, as part of Learn to Play Day. The […]