Say Goodbye to Buzzing Strings, Awkward Pauses, Haphazard Strumming… and Finally Get a Grasp of Playing Guitar.

90% of people trying to learn guitar quit in the first year.

What if you could go from frustration & overwhelm, to competent guitar player, in just a few months?

Leeds Guitar Lessons

“I’ve only been having lessons with Chris for a few weeks but i’ve already seen lots of improvement with my playing. His approach to teaching is very tailored and helps you get what you want from his lessons and get you closer to your long term goals each session.”

– Jamie Moore, Leeds

Do you want an approach to guitar that gives you structure, and real results?

Play real music you enjoy, that gives you satisfaction and brings balance to your daily life?

Then this message is for you.

The Solutions to your Guitar Problems

How many of these are holding you back in your progress?

Buzzes and Twangs

If you’ve ever picked up a guitar, you’ll be familiar with these sucky sounds.

I lay out a 3-point system for self-correcting common errors, and a new way to think about mistakes in general.

Monstrous Multi-Tasking

When you go to strum while changing chords, it can feel like fighting a monster with 8 heads.

In Chord Craft, I show you when you’re ready to combine skills, and how to do it the right way.

Awkward Pauses

Chord changing is an essential skill for playing guitar – and one of the most common frustrations for beginners.

For Chord Craft, I’ve developed step-by-step exercises that tackle this problem head on.

Things Forgotten

Memory lapses are a normal part of getting older. Our brains are not the sponges they used to be.

That’s why in Chord Craft I’ve created repeatable memory drills to help things stick – from Chord shapes, to note names, and strummed rhythms.

The Practice Problem

You know that learning guitar takes practice. But you just can’t seem to find the time to fit it in around your schedule.

With Habit Building worksheets & weekly goals, you can finally take a break from the distractions & stresses of life, focus on what’s important and actually get stuff done.

Spoon-Fed Song Learning

Learning by rote is stunting your progress, and giving you a narrow experience of music.

My ingredient-based method helps you build the 20% of skills that are needed to play 80% of songs.

Aches & Pains

The last thing you need is a nagging pain to stop you from practising. I’ve been there.

In Chord Craft, I show you the common posture mistakes to avoid, to stay healthy & happy.
Disclaimer: This isn’t medical advice, and I don’t claim to be a doctor.

Haphazard Strumming

Guitar strumming isn’t as intuitive as you might think. In fact, most beginners I see start off doing it completely wrong.

In Chord Craft, learn what Strumming & Sushi have in common, and learn to strum any rhythm by ear. Don’t worry, It’s easier than reading.

Unfinished Business

Half-learnt songs are ok, until you want to play in front of someone.

Don’t leave them with a cliffhanger. Give them the full story.

In Chord Craft, I outline the song learning process I use, from start to finish.

Brutal Barre Chords

Eventually, you’ll need to tackle these trickier chords. They call it F for a reason. When I was learning, It took me months to make these chords sound good.

Luckily for you, I’ve got a system which breaks this hurdle up into manageable steps. And if you’re not there yet – I’ve got easy alternatives you can use right away.

All of these problems suck.
Which is why you’ll feel amazing when you tackle each of them, one at a time.

I’m Chris Morton, Guitar Teacher and the creator of Chord Craft.

At the time of writing, I’ve helped 246 regular people play their favourite music on guitar, over the last 5 years.

Most of them started as adults, who were complete beginners, with no musical knowledge whatsoever.

I’m going to show you what is hands down the best way to learn guitar for those that don’t have a background in music, and don’t have hours a day to spend time practicing:

Learn Chords & Strumming, so you can play your favourite songs.

You can practice for 30 minutes per day, right? It’s doable. It doesn’t require a massive lifestyle change or cancelling all your other plans.

If the songs you’re working on in those 30 minutes per day are ones that you know & love, and are made suitable for your ability level, then that one session per day becomes the best part of your day.

Chord Craft is not a collection of tips.
It’s a system that turns you into a highly effective guitar player.

And I’ve got good news: You don’t have to be gifted or especially talented to become a guitar player.

I’ve been on tour, recorded for television, had songs on Netflix and BBC Radio 6Music, and can play a simple song after a few listens. But it wasn’t always like that.

In fact, it used to take me weeks of trying to learn something new. I’ve become a successful guitar player despite the obstacles. And I’ve done so in a systematic, deliberate way. I’ve taught & tweaked this system over the past 5 years, and I’m confident it’ll work for you, too.

Why this course is different from other guitar courses

Most guitar courses will give you a pre-made list of songs to choose from. Or worse, rip-off versions of songs that kind of sound like something you know, but aren’t.

Chord craft isn’t about learning a pre-made, cookie-cutter song list.

In Chord Craft I teach you the songs you love, tailored to your needs. By the end of the course, you’ll have the tools and skills to play full songs, from start to finish.

Who this course is for:

Adults who are either complete beginners, or relatively new to guitar.

Self-taught Guitar Players looking to fill in any gaps in their skills.

Guitar players returning to the instrument after a long break.

Fans of Rock, Alternative Rock & Folk Music.

Who this course is NOT for:

Guitar Players who can easily play songs from start to finish – changing between open chords smoothly, while strumming a rhythm.

Anyone wanting to learn Classical Guitar, or Heavy Metal.

Aspiring Lead Guitarists (this is a beginner course with an emphasis on rhythm playing)

“I’ve been with Chris for a year and have found him to be not only an expert tutor, but extremely patient. He has an excellent command of modern pieces as well as classics and I would heartily recommend him to young and old alike”

– Damian Collins, Leeds

Ready to break through the beginner roadblocks?

I’m eager to help you make some music. You’ve got problems that I want to help you solve. Instead of just saying “I’ll practice soon, but I’m not ready yet” and letting the guitar collect dust, take some action, join the Chord Craft course and make 2019 the year you really nail it.

Here’s what you get when you buy the Chord Craft course

Chord Craft is a step-by-step course, taught through in-person lessons, or video chat.

First, you’ll get a free introductory session, where I ask questions and establish where you’re at. After this, we’ll dive right into the course material, which consists of:

6 x In-Person Lessons, 30 minutes each (one-to-one)

Video Guides for Each Lesson


Diagrams & PDF Cheat Sheets

Click the button below to save your place in my 2019 Beginner Guitar Course:

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This is a free, no obligation trial lesson.
After the free trial session If you decide if the course isn’t right for you, that’s fine.
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The price includes 6 x One-to-One Lessons to take you through the hands-on parts of the course.
Each session lasts 30 minutes.
Any extra sessions after this can be purchased at £35 per hour.


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