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"Chris has been an excellent tutor, a really good fit for me. The most important thing is that he’s teaching me songs that I love. He goes to the effort of breaking them down to match my skill level but also pushes me to try harder tabs. He’s really motivating, very skilled and clearly loves his job. I couldn’t recommend him more."
"Chris has all the aspects of a great tutor. In a matter of weeks, I'm playing some of my favourite music and moving on to more advanced techniques."
"I started lessons as a complete beginner and have found Chris to be really friendly and patient. I started learning to play the songs I like from the off, and the lesson materials are clear and easy to practice from at home. If you’re looking for relaxed lessons and a knowledgeable teacher, Chris is your guy!"

Complete Beginner Friendly

You might be doubting yourself as to whether you will be able to play guitar. Here are two things I can tell you now:

1. It won’t all be easy. It can be difficult at times.

2. I truly believe anyone who wants to play guitar can do it, with the right approach.

It’s not about having “talent” or being “gifted”. This might sound obvious, but people aren’t born as guitar players. I’ve trained adults who started as complete beginners, even in retirement, with no previous musical experience. They might not be rockstars, but they can play!

Tried teaching yourself to play?

How many of these problems have you come across?

If any of these sound familiar, you're not alone. I've helped hundreds of guitar players who had these same hurdles.

The problem with traditional guitar lessons

I believe that guitar lessons have been taught the wrong way for decades. The traditional way of teaching has its drawbacks, and can contribute to the “practice problem”, where lessons end up being about fixing mistakes.

Learning guitar can be difficult. But with the right approach, I truly believe that anyone can learn to play guitar.

Traditional lessons typically go like this:

The teacher will spend a chunk of time talking. They might explain concepts and introduce parts of songs. Because the material is new, and time is short, you barely get a chance to play it correctly.

There’s not enough time in the lesson to finish learning your music, and before you know it, the lesson is over.

You’re expected to do the heavy lifting at home. It’s up to you to “get it right”. For most people, this can feel like a difficult and frustrating homework task, adding to your already busy schedule at home.

With home practice, it can go one of two ways:

You might have a busy week. Life gets in the way, and this is unavoidable. So maybe you miss practice. The next lesson becomes about re-learning the same material again.

Or, you do practise, but since you’re not past the stage of making mistakes, it’s likely that some bad habits will start to creep in. You’re not sure what you’re doing wrong, and you have to wait until the next lesson to find out. You might not even be aware of your mistakes.

In the next lesson, your teacher breaks the news that you’ve been playing it incorrectly the entire time. And now you have to undo that and re-learn it the right way! It’s two steps forward, one step back.

Guitar lessons either become about fixing mistakes, or introducing more new material, loading even more work onto your plate. If this carries on, you’re likely to end up with a collection of unfinished songs, and a lack of motivation.

After 7 years of trying, I found a better way to teach.

Introducing Guitar Lab

Guitar Lessons for Adults, with structure & guidance


I have a structured approach to teaching, meaning that you should know exactly what do to, when to do it, how to do it, and when you can stop doing it. You’ll get everything on a task-list, that you can check off as you go. Unlike others, I’m not making this up as I go along.

I’ve helped hundreds of students play their favourite music on guitar, since 2014. Most of them started as complete beginners, with no musical knowledge. I truly believe that anyone can learn to play, with the right approach.

There are some things that videos, apps or books can’t provide, such as:

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Who my adult guitar lessons are for:

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