Hi, I’m Chris.

I help beginner & intermediate guitar players nail their favourite songs.

I specialise in:
Rock & Alternative/Indie styles
Ear Training

My song-based method takes people from absolute beginner, to confident guitar player.

Self-taught or intermediate players learn how music works, through practical theory and ear training.

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My teaching philosophy:

Build skills that stick.

Self-taught players often miss huge chunks of knowledge, or develop bad habits. My students learn to play their favourite songs, while building their skills.

Understand how music works.

When you understand how music works, you’re not just learning songs in parrot fashion, you’re learning guitar. I’m on a mission to make theory lessons more practical & engaging.

Train your ears.

Stop relying on inaccurate TABs or YouTube tutorials. Develop your ears, and become self-sufficient. Become a better writer & improviser. Spend less time learning parts in the rehearsal room. All this is possible when you can play by ear.


Audio Showreel

Hear audio samples of Chris & his students.

Qualifications & Experience:

years playing experience
years teaching guitar
1 +
song library
1 %
exam pass rate

7 years teaching guitar, 20 years playing guitar

BA (Hons) Degree in Popular Music Studies from Leeds College of Music (now Leeds Conservatoire)

Grade 8 Electric Guitar, London College of Music (RGT)

Grade 5 Music Theory, ABRSM

Child Protection in Education (Music) – EduCare

Watch a live radio session:

My Story

Let me be clear: I wouldn’t waste your lesson time talking about myself. If you’re interested in reading about my background, here it is.

My first "guitar"

I grew up in South Yorkshire where I became surgically attached to the guitar aged 11 (the picture above was taken years before that). My first actual guitar was a cheap nylon string my dad found at a car boot sale. Taking lessons from a local guitar player, I formed a rock band with three friends, and started practicing wherever we could. Living rooms, garages, the school science room...

2004: First gig at The Boardwalk, Sheffield

We recorded some scrappy home demos. The music was rubbish, but it didn’t matter. At age 14, we played our first live gig at The Boardwalk, Sheffield. We played three songs, and one was a Ramones cover.

2007: Band #2

I joined another band. We got slightly bigger crowds, a manager, and some radio play. After a few years, half the band moved to Brighton, and as you can imagine, it didn’t work out either. We did win Jamie Oliver's Unsigned Bands competition though (what a highlight).

2008 - 2011: University

I moved to Leeds to do three years of music college. Quickly growing tired of seeing bands all playing the same funk & soul covers, I did what any other ‘indie’ kid would do: joined another band, and started playing with synthesizers.

2011 – 2013: I graduate and finally get a job… making pizza.

In 2011, I graduated with a degree in Popular Music Studies, which finally enabled me to get a job… making pizza at Dominos. Then selling computers. Then selling phones. I’d had enough of working in retail. I realised that my side business should involve guitar. One gumtree ad later and boom! I'm teaching guitar. I was nervous, unprepared, and didn’t have a plan. I quickly found out that teaching is a completely different skill to playing. Those first students didn’t stick around for long.

guitar tutor leeds

2014 - 2015: Going full-time

I started doing research on music teaching methods, and reading books on music psychology. Learning and tweaking as I went along, I developed my own approaches for teaching guitar. I had learnt from my early mistakes and I built up some regular students – enough to quit my day job.

Kids Guitar Lessons Leeds

2019 to Today

I organised my first student concert in 2019, for a handful of brave volunteers to play on stage in front of a real audience. When I'm not teaching, I'm recording & performing with my current project Team Picture.

Team Picture

Team Picture is a 6-piece Alternative Rock group based in Leeds. We formed in 2016, and in 2017 had airplay from BBC 6Music, BBC Introducing, and Radio 1. Support came from Huw Stephens, Tom Robinson and Steve Lamacq. Festival appearances include Bluedot Festival, Liverpool Sound City, and Live At Leeds. More recently, Team Picture were featured in the NME 100: Essential new artists for 2019.

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Kids Guitar Lessons

Learning guitar should be fun, and free of frustration. Kids love my Accelerator lessons! I truly believe any child can play guitar – with the right approach.

Adult Beginner Guitar Lessons

My beginner guitar course teaches you the skills needed to play real songs from day one. Including your own favourites.

Intermediate Guitar Lessons

Systematically improve your skills, while developing your ears. Learn theory that you can apply to the guitar, so you can get out of a rut!