Hi, I’m Chris Morton.

Welcome to my Leeds Guitar Lessons site.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner, or you’ve been playing guitar for years.

I want to design a course of guitar lessons that are just right for you.

I’ve been teaching one-to-one guitar lessons in Leeds since 2014, and playing guitar for 17 years. Read the testimonials.

“I started lessons as a complete beginner and have found Chris to be really friendly and patient. I started learning to play the songs I like from the off, and the lesson materials are clear and easy to practice from at home. If you’re looking for relaxed lessons and a knowledgeable teacher, Chris is your guy!”

Naomi King, Leeds

Beginner Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons Leeds
My beginner guitar method teaches you the skills needed to play guitar today:
  • Basic technique & easy songs to get you started
  • How to play chords and change between them
  • How to strum any rhythm pattern, the right way
  • Build an effective practice routine, even if you’re busy

I can guide you through a course of lessons that will get you playing real songs, while developing your skills, right from the basics.

Choose to learn Acoustic Guitar, or Electric Guitar.

My beginner students range from age 7, to teens, adults, and people in retirement.

I believe anyone can learn with the right guidance.

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Intermediate & Advanced Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons Leeds
Once you’ve got the basics down, you might want to cover:
  • How to play lead guitar
  • How to train your ear
  • Music theory that benefits your playing.
  • How to improvise or write & record your own music.

I can help you with all of these things and more. I have a bachelor’s degree in Popular Music, a full-time teaching schedule, and extensive performance experience in a range of styles.

I’ve been playing guitar for 17 years, but more importantly, I’ve helped a lot of frustrated players past the beginner stage, intermediate players out of ruts, and guitarists who have been playing for years.

“I’ve only been having lessons with Chris for a few weeks but i’ve already seen lots of improvement with my playing. His approach to teaching is very tailored and helps you get what you want from his lessons and get you closer to your long term goals each session.

“He takes the time to listen to the music you’re into and construct lessons around music you like. We’ve been learning lots of theory, which on the surface sounds rather dry, but he makes it fun and very practical, meaning I can put his teachings into practice quickly. Would highly recommend!”

 – Jamie Moore, Leeds

Styles you can learn in guitar lessons

I specialise in Alternative/Indie Rock, and Folk Fingerstyle guitar.

But that’s not all I teach – I have students learning Classic Rock, Blues, Slide, Jazz, and many more styles.

If you’re looking to learn a specific style, I’m happy to help. Those looking for a more general approach can expect to be introduced to a whole world of guitar playing.

Where are Leeds Guitar Lessons held?

I teach at my dedicated teaching room in Burley, Leeds LS4. There is plenty of free street parking, and good public transport links. I also teach students anywhere in the world via Skype.

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