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Hi, I’m Chris.

I help children & adults break through the beginner stage, so they can have fun making music.

With a song-based approach and step-by-step instructions, my guitar lessons in leeds have been described as “very tailored”, “fun and very practical”, and “clear and easy to practise from”.

Whether you’re a complete beginner, self-taught, or intermediate player, I’d love to help.

Choose an option:

Adult Beginner Guitar Lessons in Leeds

My beginner guitar lessons teach you the skills needed to play real songs from day one. Including your own favourites.

Kids Guitar Lessons in Leeds

Learning guitar should be fun, and free of frustration. Kids love my after school classes! I truly believe any child can play guitar with the right approach.

Intermediate Guitar Lessons

Systematically improve your skills, while developing your ears, and learning the theory that matters.

Choose a service above to get started.

Here’s what you can learn:

Lead guitar

Learn the riffs & solos you love, either by reading pro quality TABs, or entirely by ear. Or both! After a few lessons, you can expect to be learning songs without being spoon fed.

Music theory

Make connections between the songs, and the theory concepts behind them. When you can actually hear theory in action, it’s much easier to understand & apply.

Rhythm playing

Master strumming & chord playing, and get through songs from start to finish. Learn fingerpicking and create your own patterns.

If you’re looking to learn a specific style, I’m happy to help where I can. Those looking for a more varied approach can expect to be introduced to a whole world of guitar playing.

“Chris has all the aspects of a great tutor. In a matter of weeks, I’m playing some of my favourite music and moving on to more advanced techniques.”

Daniel Teasdale, Leeds

“I’ve only been having lessons with Chris for a few weeks but I’ve already seen lots of improvement with my playing. His approach to teaching is very tailored and helps you get what you want from his lessons and get you closer to your long term goals each session.

“He takes the time to listen to the music you’re into and construct lessons around music you like. Would highly recommend!”

 – Jamie Moore, Leeds

“I started lessons as a complete beginner and have found Chris to be really friendly and patient. I started learning to play the songs I like from the off, and the lesson materials are clear and easy to practice from at home. If you’re looking for relaxed lessons and a knowledgeable teacher, Chris is your guy!”

Naomi King, Leeds

Guitar Lessons Leeds Studio

Guitar Lessons Leeds Location

  • Located near Kirkstall Road and Burley Road, Leeds LS4
  • 10 mins walk from Burley Park train station, 25 mins walk from Leeds Uni Parkinson Building, 30 mins walk from Leeds Train Station
  • Bright & spacious dedicated teaching room.
  • Free Parking
  • Waiting Room
  • Free Tea & Coffee
  • Instruments, amps & effects provided.

About Chris Morton

I specialise in teaching beginner & intermediate players 1-to-1, and beginner guitar groups. I primarily teach Rock, Alternative & Folk styles, but my students are free to learn music in their chosen styles.

My beginner students learn how to master the fundamentals, through a step-by-step course I’ve created and tweaked over the past 5 years. My Intermediate students learn more about how music works, and how to use ear training to learn & create music with ease.

Many of my students have gone on to perform on stage, record their own songs, or pass grades with flying colours.

Teaching guitar is my full-time profession, but when I’m not teaching, I play guitar for Team Picture (a Leeds based alternative rock group).

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