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The Ukulele is rapidly replacing the recorder as a first instrument in schools. It’s portable, easy to play, and loads of fun! I teach beginner ukulele groups in a course of lessons. Students are given a range of activities throughout the term. A typical term of lessons will cover:

  • Technique – building confidence in keeping time, chords, strumming, and plucking
  • Improvisation – self expression through music & rhythm
  • Theory – an introduction to music notation
  • Songs from The Beatles, Bob Marley, The Beach Boys, and Twenty One Pilots
  • Traditional tunes
  • Well known film & TV themes
  • World music

Lessons are for Year 3 and up, and are taught in small groups of 6 children. This allows each student the opportunity for some individual help.

What are the costs?


Group sessions are £5 per child. Lessons are payable in advance, each half term.

Parents are encouraged to buy a Ukulele for their child to practice on between sessions. A beginner soprano Ukulele should cost around £20 to £30. A clip-on electric tuner is also recommended, which costs around £7.

Contact Chris to enquire today.

Lessons are paid in advance per half term. If a student doesn’t attend a session, the lesson fee cannot be refunded. If the tutor misses a lesson, the time will be made up, or the lesson fee will be refunded.

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