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Coronavirus & Guitar Lessons: Please read

With social distancing measures in place, I’ll be making changes to the way I teach guitar lessons. My lessons will continue. We’ll still be making progress. We’ll still be having fun playing music. You just won’t need to travel to me for the lesson.

I am asking students to switch to online lessons until further notice. I know that this may not be your preferred method of learning, however moving to online lessons will help limit exposure to Covid-19. This will help all of us as the Coronavirus spreads. Even if you’re not showing symptoms, you could still be carrying the virus.

What equipment do you need?

The technology doesn’t need to be complicated. Here’s all you need:

  • A computer, tablet, OR phone with a built-in webcam
  • Your guitar
  • An internet connection.

My preference would be to have our lesson over Zoom. The sound quality is better, and the connection is smoother. FaceTime, or Hangouts can also work well. There are plenty of ways we can have a productive lesson without being in the same room. I have taught students as far as Spain & Saudi Arabia. I’ve been teaching children and adults online since 2015, and my students have successfully switched to online lessons since the lockdown started.

Want a stress-free setup? I’ve created this handy setup guide to get up and running in 3 steps.

If you’re a bit of a technophobe, I am happy to arrange a free phone call and test call to make the setup process for online learning as smooth as possible.

Still not sure if online lessons will work for you?

  • Thanks to the play-along library I use, distance-learning is very straightforward, and sound delays are not an issue. I can walk you through the setup.
  • Pretty much all smartphones, tablets, and computers have a built-in webcam and microphone. You shouldn’t need any extra equipment to take online lessons.
  • The most internet bandwidth you should need for “smooth video conferencing” is 1mbps. The UK average broadband speed is 54mbps, so even the slowest networks should be fine. For the best experience, make sure you sit close to your Wi-Fi router.
  • I can send diagrams, share my screen, and show my hands from multiple angles. I can easily tell what you’re doing right & what you could do better, without needing to be in the same room.
  • If we use Zoom, I can record the lesson for you to watch it back as many times as you like.
  • Pre-recorded lessons can be delivered in rare cases where video conferencing will not be possible.

The 24hr cancellation policy still applies, so please give me as much notice as you can if you need to cancel your lesson. I am flexible on lesson times if your schedule has changed.

Book an appointment

If you would like to book a lesson, you can see my availability and request your slot here.

If the booking options don’t show below, please try refreshing the page, or use this link instead.

Alternatively, call/text: 07928 972 060.

See you soon!

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Guitar Lessons Cancellation Policy

Lessons cancelled within 24 hours must be paid for and cannot be rescheduled.

Lessons cancelled with more than 24 hours notice can be rescheduled or skipped at no additional charge.